Broad River Animal Hospital Reviews

We take pride in making sure our patients are fully satisfied with the services we provide. Below are a few of our testimonials from our patients.

The staff at BRAH does a great job of making a bad situation with our pets into good results.

Lee L

I love all the staff there and Dr. Stramaglia is one of the best!


Our dogs couldn’t be in better hands when they need to be seen for an illness or injury. The entire staff are friendly and treat our dogs as if they were their own family members.

​​​​​​​Joel F.

I have been taking my dogs to Broad Really River forever. I wouldn’t go any place else. I love my vet.

We love Broadriver and Dr. Lamothe. We’ve been coming to this practice for 17 years through four dogs and we wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Heidi N.


Been a client of Broad River for 30+ years........we love everything about them. Would never consider going anywhere else!

Frank L.


I think you all are fabulous and totally trust you with my “princess”

​​​​​​​Marta E.

5 stars all the way! When I first started taking my dog here, he used to shake a lot, now he perks up and loves visiting (despite that sometimes he's poked at :)

Effie T

Very satisfied. Very thoughtful, nice people.

Cornelia F.

First time dog owner. Admittedly, a little overprotective, and nervous the first few weeks. I couldn't be happier with Dr. Stramaglia, the veterinary assistants, and entire staff, they are excellent. Not enough characters to express my commendations.

Caleb R.

The staff are kind and empathetic to the pets and their owners!

Diane D

Any and every time I have to bring my fur babies to Broad River Vet - I am beyond pleased with the service and care. I can't say enough good things to Michelle M., Ashliann and Johan. They always go above and beyond the needs of our pets and us. TY

Elizabeth H.

We always feel we have our dogs best interest at heart. Everyone is so nice and loves our dogs.

Jill P.

The staff is very nice, professional and efficient and I have confidence that my animals will get the best care.

Cornelia F.

It’s clear that everyone is not only a professional, but they care about the animals. Finn says, 'I don’t mind the shots if I get to visit my friends at Broad River!' Thanks to everyone!

I'm very impressed with how you handled "Rhed" - you made him feel so welcome and loved while providing him with such wonderful care. Thank you for showing such great interest in his well being.

​​​​​​​Barbara D.

Always there for me and my animals. The best, most caring doctors are at Broad River Animal Hospital.

​​​​​​​Diane B.


Jennett W.

I am always pleased, with the staff, and Dr's,at Broad River Animal Hospital. I've been coming to you for so many years, your like family. All my questions and concerns about Horton, where answered and met. As always, I can't thank you all enough.

​​​​​​​Whitney S.

Our babies always receive the best of care from you, and we have complete confidence in Broad River Animal Hospital.

​​​​​​​Pattie T.

For over 15 years Dr. Lamothe & the entire team at BRAH have taken care of our pets. Often the vet-client relationship feels more like a partnership keeping them healthy from pups through their senior years. BRAH has our complete trust and loyalty.

Joan B.

I've been coming for 33 years I think I think that speaks for Itself.

Arthur S.

You are kind, considerate and extremely knowledgeable. Always willing to take the extra time to listen and help to guide to make the best plan for the pet. Great with both health problems and with preventative/wellness strategies. I love you guys!!

Kelly M.

Because the level of care and the quality are exceptional....always.

Kelly M.

We moved from Florida recently and are very happy to have found a vet as wonderful as the ones we had to leave behind. Many thanks! Keep up the great care!

Pattie T.

Wonderful staff -- compassionate doctors--clean and cheerful waiting room.

Jennifer H.

Extremely friendly, made me feel like Benny was in great hands! Thanks for being patient with him and comforting him.

​​​​​​​Claire F.

Clinically I believe and trust that my pet is receiving top care but that is possible elsewhere. What I haven't found elsewhere is the level of care-even love- compassion that I have felt/experienced from the entire staff.

Kara L.

Trusted and professional service.

​​​​​​​David E.

You guys have always been there to take care of and field questions about our doggers with knowledge and compassion. I know you love my dogs.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mrs. T.

Michelle Margarita and Ashliann were wonderful, along with the rest of the staff. Everyone was extremely attentive to Bosco.

​​​​​​​Maria C.

I've been taking my babies to you since 2007 and everyone knows my little ones. Dr. Stramaglia has diagnosed + saved the lives of 2 of them. All the vets are super and caring as are the front personnel + vet techs. I've even had home visits.

​​​​​​​Desire H.

The best veterinary care in the country - Dr. Lamothe always has the best interest of my dog in mind, goes above and beyond to make sure my dog is well taken care of and thoughtfully answers all of my questions.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jennifer W.

I am a client of many years. Everyone from the front desk staff, to the techs, to every doctor. Broad River is comprised of consistently pleasant, knowledgeable, gentle and compassionate people who provide the utmost in professionalism and care.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Colleen P.

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